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Discord Nitro is the most popular subscription plan offered by Discord. It allows you to unlock all the perks we provide, mainly including custom emojis and stickers that can be used anywhere, high-quality live streaming, and two server boosts, among other convenient features.

Some Features and Benefits Included in the Discord Nitro Subscription:
Custom and animated emojis that can be used anywhere
Custom stickers anywhere
Bigger file sharing
HD Streaming
2 Boosts + 30% off extra Boosts
Profile Upgrades
Server Profiles
Nitro Badge
Custom video Backgrounds
Access to All Activities
Join up to 200 servers
Longer Messages
Color Themes for your Discord app
When you subscribe to Discord Nitro, you will be able to enjoy many additional features and benefits. You can use high-quality voice chat, upload larger files, use animated emojis, and more customization options. Additionally, you can get server boosters, making your servers faster, more stable, and also raising the level and privileges of your server. All of these perks can make your Discord experience smoother and more enjoyable. Ordinary Discord servers will become a platform for you to communicate and build communities with others. Therefore, if you are looking for a cheap Discord Nitro subscription, we will provide you with the best options!

Discord Nitro VS Discord Nitro Classic
Nitro Basic includes some popular Nitro features that allow users to express themselves at a lower cost.

Profile customization: animated avatar, custom Tag, Nitro badge.
30% off Boost purchases
Use custom and animated emojis anywhere
Bigger file uploads (50MB)
Screen share up to 1080p/60fps
Therefore, if you want some cool features but don’t need too many enhanced features provided by Discord Nitro, then the Classic version is your best choice. Discord Nitro Classic is a good choice for those who don’t have multiple large servers because the subscription itself is enough.

Today, you can easily purchase Discord Nitro subscriptions through WPHTools! When you want to buy Discord Nitro, WPHTools offers various available subscriptions and discount offers, ranging from 1 month to 1 year, to meet your needs.

Payment Methods for Discord Nitro
If you are considering subscribing to Discord Nitro, WPHTools offers multiple payment methods for you to choose from. Global customers typically prefer to use payment methods such as PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. In addition, we also offer e-wallets, online banking, and other services for you to choose from worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Nitro
Is Discord Nitro worth buying?
If you are a hardcore user of Discord, then it can be worth it. Discord Nitro allows you to access more features on the platform, as well as better quality and more servers. If you’re not a regular user who doesn’t talk on Discord very often or on a daily basis, then the Nitro plan is probably not worth it. You get all the basic features of the Discord free of cost and some additional perks with the Nitro Classic.

Where can I buy a Discord Nitro subscription?
You can purchase Discord Nitro’s discounted subscription from trusted and authorized online sources such as WPHTools. Always make sure to purchase your subscription from a reputable source to avoid any potential scams.

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$3.00 – $110.00


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Last Update: November 18, 2023
Released: September 15, 2023